The following submission was sent to the DOECLG yesterday, October 30th….

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Myself & my husband have received full planning permission a few months ago to construct our family home and we would very much like to submit a suggestion to you regarding a National Building Inspectorate. We are ready to commence our build but are prohibited from doing so due to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014.  These regulations require all building works greater than 40 msq to be inspected by an Assigned Certifier. We have received a quote from our architect to take on the role of assigned certifier for our build at a cost of €7,300…this is an extortionate cost to inspect a build when compared to Northern Ireland, where the local authority would inspect the same size house for £300. In addition to the cost to inspect our build – the assigned certifier insists that a building contractor is appointed also – this will triple the budget that we had in mind and is completely outlandish – as there are no school for builders – so one cannot see a reason why one is forced to employ a builder – We require qualified tradesmen to construct our home – not building contractors. We see that if a National Building Inspectorate was set up, this would resolve both of our issues above and would improve the construction sector in Ireland immensely.

Kind regards,

Amanda & Raymond Gallagher (Sligo)