The following letter was sent to the Ombudsman today, May 30th, after he closed my case when he received a letter from the DOECLG..


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Dear Peter,

I would appreciate it if I can be issued with a Ref No, for my case, as I can check up on progress. If you substitute the word ‘newspapers’ in the above quote for the words ‘DOECLG’, you will get a feel for what is going on.

I received your letter with thanks, and also the 8 page report from the DOECLG. To be quite frank, the response from them was most unsatisfactory and I request that you keep my case open. I think you misunderstand my complaint – it is not so much why they took so long to answer my queries – it is more that they have implemented a terrible, unjust law and are continually misinforming the Nation on it.

Here is a letter I received from Mr Martin Vaughan of the DOECLG:

Here is my response to Mr Vaughan:

I know, that if you are not building a house or an extension, then the subject of building control is quite boring – but Peter, this situation that self builders find themselves in at the moment is absolutely horrendous. The distress caused to myself and my husband and indeed, many others, would take a month to tell you about. Every country in the world permits self building and self builders are rewarded, encouraged and supported – now, in Ireland, the Government have banned self building – how awful.

All, you have to do is read the letters above, in the second letter you will see 4 points at the end where I request Mr Vaughan to send on some simple letters to me – after all, the letters I request are only confirmation of what he has told me in his letters as ‘facts’. If this is done then this serious issue is well on the way to being resolved. Until such time as I receive these letters, then myself, my husband, the IAOSB and all the self builders of Ireland cannot take the DOECLG word at face value.

Peter, if you want to self build your home, the DOECLG & Minister Hogan will ‘tell’ you that you can do so, but when you study the wording of the S.I. 9 legislation, you will see that legal documents require the signature of a principal of director of a building company only. Then, when you look for an Assigned Certifier (a member of the RIAI, ACEI or SCSI) you will not find one to work with you, as they will only work with a building contractor.

The way in which the DOECLG and the Minister issue such mindboggling misinformation to not only myself, but to the entire Nation is scandalous. Peter, I wish my case to be re-opened with immediate effect, I request that you and your office ask Mr Vaughan for those 4 simple letters at the end of my letter. I am afraid to tell you, that you will find the same ridiculous ‘running around in circles’ behaviour as I have come across.

I hope that you have a better result than I have, as the DOECLG may have more respect for someone in your standing than for a housewife,


Amanda Gallagher