“Equal laws protecting equal rights…the best guarantee of loyalty and love of country.” – James Madison


Re: Self Building & Building Control – Please forward this letter to IBCI Treasurer, Secretary, & Council.

Dear Ms McArdle,

My name is Amanda Gallagher, from County Sligo. Myself and my husband were due to commence the self build of our family home this Summer. We have five young children and we were going to hand the keys of our current council house back to the State for another family in need when our build was complete. Our story was featured on RTE Radio & TV Shows and also the Six One News on Friday, Feb. 28th last – we hoped our pleas for a deferral of these new Building Control laws to Minister Hogan would be listened to – how naïve of us!

We were in attendance at your recent Conference in the Radisson Hotel, Sligo. You may have heard our comments to Mr Hubert Fitzpatrick, CIF, if so, you may have gathered at how frustrated and annoyed we are, as potential self builders, and I hope you understand why. We are absolutely devastated at how we have been ‘erased’ from the construction sector while at the same time the builders & developers of the CIF have been elevated to a dominant position in construction – we cannot see equality there.

One can clearly see that the CIF were the main authors of the S.I. 9, and after the property crash, one would think that this company should have been the last people to be invited to talks on building control regulations!

I write to you as I am absolutely appalled at the confusing, contradictory misinformation that is still being issued from our Government. As a matter of fact, for the last four months, all information regarding S.I. 9 has been ‘as clear as mud’!

As, two of the IBCIs aims are:

To coordinate professional opinion on building control in Ireland and to offer advice on issues affecting building control.

To promote better communications between persons engaged in building control and between those persons and the public through publications, exhibitions and other means.

I would like to ask you a number of simple questions on the major issue of self building – I would appreciate clear cut advice from your Institute, I hope you understand our request as we have had our ‘fill’ of conflicting ‘advice’ thus far:

(1) Was the IBCI involved in the talks to formulate the S.I. 9? – If not, why not?

(2) In your professional opinion is ‘self building’ now illegal in Ireland?

(3) As you are the ‘advisor’ body in Building Control, would you be open to presenting to Minister Hogan the ‘Collins & O’Cofaigh -A Better Way’ solution to Building Control? http://bregsforum.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/2423/- this solution would include all sectors of construction as the S.I. 9 are causing such distress among self builders. If not, can I ask why you cannot put forward this solution?

I have today also written to the Consortium of European Building Control to get their advice on this fiasco. We are a European State, and one of the advantages of being so is the Cross Border Freedom we are due as European Citizens – yet the S.I. 9 completely infringes on this freedom – the S.I. 9 is a complete infringement of our equal rights as European Citizens.

Ireland is the only country to ban self building. This is a shocking statement to all.

Regards to you at this most difficult time in Building Control,

Mrs Amanda Gallagher