The following letter was sent to Mr Robin Mandal, President of the RIAI on April 7th, 2014…


Dear Robin,

I refer to my letter of March 27th last. In your reply I note that you have forwarded my query to the Director. I have still no had a response from him.

I have recently come across a Building Regulations Update from from the Conveyancing Comittee of the Law Society. Within the document they state that they advise the three professional bodies members not to work alongside self builders. In light of this and if your members do heed the advice of the Law Society this indeed renders self building impossible.

Minister Hogan is still adamant that self building can continue. I hope you understand how confusing this whole thing is for us. I would still like to know what advice the RIAI is giving it’s members on the issue.

I await your reply Robin, as I would love to hear the truth regarding the RIAI’s advise to its members regarding self certification under SI 9.

Thanking you,

Amanda Gallagher

Co. Sligo