The following letter was sent to Mr Robin Mandal, President of the RIAI(Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland) on April 28th, 2014:


RE: Self Build Issues unresolved

Dear Robin

I hope this letter finds you well. I am still awaiting a reply from you and Mr Graby regarding most pressing issues facing self builders in Ireland. (previous letter here: https://amandagallagherblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/letter-to-mr-robin-mandal-riai-president/
I am one of many people who at this present time who feel disheartened and quite frankly let down by the lack of respect shown to us by this Government and the professional bodies including the RIAI.

When myself and my husband first started talking about our dream home the first thing we decided was that it would be a Royal Institute Architect that we would choose to design our family home – and that is exactly what we did – we wanted the very best. In light of the fact that the RIAI refuse to give us answers to crucial questions I am beginning to question whether the RIAI are in fact ‘the best’.

Robin, I can gather from your silence toward me and my queries – that you support and endorse a monopoly on professional services that advantages RIAI members and disadvantages self builders. I know you are in a difficult position and I am sure you sit at home thinking ‘the S.I. 9 would have to come in on my watch!’ – You are not alone – that is what we say too! In fact the silence from all of the key stakeholders of the S.I. 9 is deafening!

You know, if we all worked together we could fix this mess. Two months have now passed and it feels like two years as we were not prepared for this obstacle in our way. Our children get bigger by the day and our house gets smaller by the day – a resolution to this whole mess is absolutely vital to self builders so that they can get on with their builds.

We support a register of qualified contractors – all tax compliant and with Insurance in place – but what we don’t support is a law that forces us to employ a building contractor only – we want to employ our tradesmen – you know Robin that a building contractor may be merely a business man – he may not know a hammer from a nail!

Minister Hogan and his officials in the Department are still ‘saying’ we can self build yet we cannot find a RIAI member who wants to work with us – now why is that? – Surely our government are right? If so, then why do your members refuse to work alongside us?

It is unjust of this government to ban self building – no reason in the world will ever justify it and it feels so depressing to be the ‘lepers’ of building control – no one wants to come near us. There is a real crisis in the construction sector as we speak and the RIAI need to decide how they are going to play their part in ensuring stability in the weeks and months ahead.

I trust that I will hear from you soon.


Amanda Gallagher