If only our Government would listen to CS Lewis...

If only our Government would listen to CS Lewis…


‘Home Sweet Home’ – this is what I say to my children every time we pull into our driveway – and at a very early age they each start to echo this phrase back to me!  I used to imagine that saying ‘home sweet home’ as we pulled into the driveway of our new home – the home that myself & Raymond were to build together this Summer, would be such a joyful experience – alas Minister Hogan has closed off that particular avenue of joy for me.  I am the ‘homemaker’ in our house – Raymond was to be the ‘homebuilder’ and I know from experience the importance and value a good home life is for human existence.

The BC(A)R 2014 place a restriction on many families in Ireland ever having the pleasure of saying ‘home sweet home’ – about a home that they actually own – the home that will be passed on to their children. I really do not think the Irish Government have thought out the repercussions that the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 will have on society as a whole.

‘Harmony at home, within a family, translates into harmony between families and communities and nations. When there is no harmony between people who are related by blood, how can we expect to create harmony between strangers?’ – Rabbi Simon Jacobson

The above quote is so, so true, yet, for the citizens of this country to have harmony at home they must first have a home.  By a ‘home’ I don’t mean a rented ‘home’ or a local authority ‘home’ – I mean a home that they own, while I appreciate that some people will never, ever own their own home – the fact remains that if you do have an opportunity to acquire a site and are in a position to build – well then you have a fundamental right to do so. This cannot, under any circumstance be taken from you.

A ‘home’ is so much more than bricks and mortar – a home is the hub of the family, it is a place where memories are made for life, a place where tears and laughter are shared, a place where we always want to return, a place where we always feel safe – in fact, to own your home is one of the most beautiful gifts God can ever bestow on us.  In taking away this beautiful gift from many families in Ireland, our Government have taken away something so precious – more precious than gold – and they have made a fatal error for the future generations of this beautiful country of ours.