Dear Housing Agency,

I write to you at this most difficult time in Irish Building Control. I don’t know if you are aware of the Building Control Controversy that is taking place at the moment? Minister Phil Hogan implemented the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (S.I. 9) on March 1st last. Myself and my husband are absolutely devastated along with everyone else who is ‘in the know’. Our story was featured on local radio stations, newspapers, RTE Radio Shows, the Morning Edition Show & the Six One News on Friday, February 28. Maybe you caught some of it – anyway it would be no exaggeration to tell you every single person that we have spoken to, without exception, is horrified when they realise just what our Government have done.

We were due to self build our new family home this Summer – we were totally astonished when Minister went ahead and implemented these restrictive laws as we were not the only ones pleading with him for a deferral – the RIAI also wanted them deferred and asked on a few occasions for him to do so – even though on the RTE Morning Ireland Show on February 28th when Minister Hogan was informed yet again of the RIAI plea for a deferral he played a blinder and acted like he had never heard their request before! The man is in line for an Oscar at this stage!

The S.I.9 state that all construction over 40msq must now go through a principal or director of a building company only. From next March that Building Contractor must be taken from the CIF Register of Builders (CIRI) – this is an absolute scandal and we are all abhorred at how a private company is now enshrined within our laws? and we, the ordinary man and woman – the nation – the people this country’s survival depends on are erased from our laws – how on earth has this happened? In my opinion it as something to do with the CIF Chief – Mr Tom Parlon being an ex-Government Minister along with the fact that he just refuses to leave our Government Ministers alone to make up their own minds!

The mis-information coming from Minister Hogan and his officials in the Department is mind boggling – one would wonder if they actually cherish their positions at all? They should all be ashamed of themselves as they have made Ireland an international joke – we are now the only country in the world to ban self building – outrageous. These laws offer no new consumer protection so they are an injustice to every person on this Island except the CIF of course – they are now fully protected against Independent Inspections and are financially secure for the rest of their days.

I note your recent report in the media of nearly 80,000 houses needed by 2018 in Ireland. Firstly, why did you release figures like this to the CIF – don’t you know they will have all their hopes up now thinking that 80,000 people will be able to ‘buy’ these needed houses. You know when they hear large figures & the word ‘houses’ in the one sentence they are drooling at the mouth. I think you should release a breakdown of that 80,000 figure and reiterate how many if those people are in need of social housing as opposed to buyers and this may calm the CIF down a little. You know if a bull knows there is a cow in a field nearby he will break down fences, hedges even walls to get to her – the same can be said of the Developers and builders of the not too distant past – if they know there are young families with mortgage approvals nearly – they too, will break down all barriers to get their hands on them – they have even infiltrated our laws to get their hands on all of our homes – you really couldn’t make up all of the double dealing that has gone on in Leinster House in relation to the S.I. 9. It is the makings of a thrilling Novel.

I look forward to hearing your revised statement of housing needs in Ireland – I know you all owe your jobs there in the Housing Agency to the CIF – as you were set up by the Government because they knew well the amount of people who were persuaded into buying overpriced houses in the boom times by the CIF – and those poor people who had to close the door behind themselves of their dream homes and hand the keys back to the Banks – these poor people were always going to make up the bulk of housing needs in the future and the government knew this – thus the Housing Agency was born. Notwithstanding all of that – you do have a responsibility to advise the Government on the Housing Crisis in Ireland and you can now change that 80,000 figure to 88,000 as this year alone 2,000 families have abandoned their planned self builds therefore by 2018 this will amount to 8,000 more families in need of housing.

It is a National Scandal that families who can build a home for themselves with a modest budget are now forced to be housed by the State and this time it is totally the Governments own fault – how economically backward is that?

Please take the time to research S.I. 9 yourselves as it does affect you also – in fact this legislation is going to cause the housing sector in Ireland such devastation in the future – the Housing Agency are going to be the busiest offices in the country!

Regards to you,

Amanda Gallagher